F-15 Simulator for Flightgear

This is a new F-15 for Flightgear. The FDM is based on the aerodynamic data found in (AFIT/GAE/ENY/90D-16). Ref: F-15 Aerodynamic data sources

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The 3D Model was provided by Enrique Laso (flyingtoaster)



Overview of the new F-15 model

  • F-15C and F-15D variants, including aerodynamic effects.
  • Realistic FDM based on windtunnel derived aerodynamic data
  • Photorealistic 3d Cockpit with real cockpit textures provided by GeneB from his unique F-15C 80-0007
  • Operational weapons and radar
  • Full range of sound simulation (buffet, gear, engines, etc..)
  • Radar, HUD, VSD, TEWS, MPCD - using Canvas
  • Refuelling, stores
  • In cockpit engine start (including JFS Startup
  • Hydraulics system model
  • Electrics system model
  • New afterburner flames (with luminosity variance depending on scene brightness)
  • External and internal Rembrandt compatible lighting
  • ECS pressurisation system model
  • Control actuator system model
  • Rembrandt ready.

V1.2e Changes

  • Much better textures/liveries; added Lakenheath and Missouri.
  • Better wing root anti-collision lights
  • Added Correct stall warning audio tones and vocal warnings for OWS, Caution and fuel.
  • Canvas optimisations for low frame rates
  • Fix weapon selection after load when master arm selected.
  • Improved view positioning for front & backseat.
  • Rework of lighting, fix halos, rembrandt light points; added lighting dialog to GUI.
  • Reinstate comm radio support

Handling / flight model changes (V1.2e)

  • Overload Warning System (OWS) limits added
  • Pitch/Roll ratio improvements.
  • Tuned pitch and roll ratio - and now takes into account CG% MAC.
  • Corrected lateral position of external wing tanks.
  • Added Nose Wheel Steering. operates in two modes; normal and the maneuvering mode

V1.3 Changes

  • Add support for walker.
  • New livery for CR77-0157. This is for an F-15A
  • Rework ALS flame to be more realistic.
  • Centre HUD projected display on combiners.
  • Support ground refuelling, walker support enhancments.
  • Added ground vehicles (tanker/cart).
  • Fix contrails and engine smoke.
  • Add 144FW livery
  • remove lumpy bit from the middle of the exhaust sound
  • ALS lights off when no power
  • Sounds for MP to reasonable value.
  • Revised engine simulation PB such that pressure is 1.0 (ambient) when engine not turning.
  • Changed sound to use volumes computed in FDM so we can have realistic inside / outside volumes based on canopy position.

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